Our Beers & Such

We brew a variety of styles here at BS, and you can find names/descriptions of everything we craft below. Some are seasonal, however, and we occasionally get caught in a production cycle swing and might not have all listed beers available at a given time, so check the wall behind the bar or ask one of our beertenders what’s available before setting your heart on a particular brew. We also carry a variety of Diskin Hard Ciders (Nashville, TN), as well as good ol’ Coca Cola (glass bottle, cane sugar) and the Boyland line of sodas for our designated drivers and those who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages.

Barren Plains Amber
As lovely and dependable as a Barren Plains sunset, this amber is always full-bodied and smooth – a beer you can depend on. *ABV 5.25%

Bell Heks Belgian Strong Ale
We’re giving a slightly veiled nod to the Adams community in northwest Robertson County with this golden strong ale driven by fruity esters derived from a lovely Belgian yeast strain. ‘Heks’ is Danish for ‘witch’, so if you’re not familiar with one of our nation’s most beguiling haunting stories, look up ol’ Kate, then come in and have a taste of this bewitching brew. *ABV 9%

Black Patch Porter
This porter is dark with notes of wood and bourbon thanks to an experimental hop used in the boil. The name comes from local history, as we live and work in an area encompassing roughly 30 counties in southwestern Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee called the “Black Patch”. This was the world’s leading supplier of Dark Fired Tobacco in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Here in Robertson County, the “dark firing” of tobacco is still widely practiced, wherein a particular variety of tobacco is enclosed in a barn with a smoldering oak plank and sawdust fire, thus smoke curing the tobacco for use in snuff, chewing, and pipe products. *ABV 5.25%

Bobcat Blonde
Our Greenbrier neighbors have asked, “So, when do WE get a beer named after our area?”. Wait no more! We even have a special tap handle for this easy drinking, float-the-river blonde ale that’s perfect for your summer outings – come see (and taste) it for yourself! *ABV 5.1%

Carr’s Creek Critter IPA
This IPA, dry-hopped with both Citra and Mosaic will thrill your senses with the taste of citrus and grapefruit, much like tales of the famed “Critter” have thrilled generations of Robertson Countians. *ABV 5.8%

Equinox ***NEW***
Spring 2021 brings a new release with this crisp, light, and refreshing Kolsch-style offering. Perfect for those days when the big doors are open at the taproom and you don’t want to get weighed down. *ABV 5%

June Berliner Weisse
This light and tart German wheat beer is the perfect remedy to a hot summer day. Why did we name it ‘June’? Well, June is the typical wheat harvest month in these parts, so we pay homage to the hardworking farmers of Robertson County with our newest release. Served straight up for the full “pucker up” experience, or with the traditional offerings of a splash of raspberry or sweet Woodruff syrups for those who like the tartness toned down a bit. *ABV 3.5%

Marschwahnsinn ***NEW***
Ok, so Marzens are typically brewed in March for serving in the fall…but that tradition began when caves were used for cold storage! As that is not the case for us, we decided to bring out our Marzen in March. Beautiful copper hue with a back note of dark fruit thanks to an addition of Caramunich malt. Extremely drinkable, *ABV 5.6%

Midsummer’s Night Brown Ale
Though it’s not heavy, this brown ale tastes malty, with chocolate, graham cracker and a touch of coffee flavors.  It pours dark but drinks light – not too heavy for summer or fall. *ABV 5.5%

Night Rider Dark Lager
This Czech-style dark lager combines the rich taste of darker kilned malts with the crisp drinkability found in pale lagers. Named after the strongarm groups that raided opposition tobacco properties during the Black Patch Wars (see Black Patch Porter above), the less-than-black color of this beer might be reminiscent of the Robertson County night sky when lit by a burning tobacco barn or dynamited farm machinery. Yikes! *ABV 5.25%

Point 9 Pilsner
The quintessential lager that comes in so many taste profiles, our pils is named after the railway tunnel that traverses beneath Ridgetop, TN, which is exactly .9 miles in length. We like to think the brave, hard-working souls who dug the tunnel would have loved a cold, golden-colored tasty beverage after being cooped up underground all day. *ABV 6%

Project 447 ***SOLD OUT***
A big Double IPA created in conjunction with this year’s Ales for ALS fundraiser (a4a.als.net) and the 447 Foundation (447days.org). This citrusy hop bomb not only tastes fabulous, but also supports a great cause. *ABV 8.93%

Pull Tight Porter
Porters are called such as they reportedly became the “go-to” beer of London’s street and river porters of the 18th century. Our porter is called “Pull Tight” in reference to the 5th Avenue inclines on either side of Memorial Blvd. here in Springfield, as those hills were traditionally referred to as “Pull Tight Hill” by those driving teams of horses or mules with a heavy load behind – you’d best pull tight all the harness gear before attempting to navigate the grade! *ABV 5.6%

Shady West Coast IPA
A solid India Pale Ale that harkens back to the West Coast-style that started the IPA craze in America.  Shade Tree Farm on Kinney’s Rd. in western Robertson County will vouch that it’s a good one! *ABV 7.35%

Sulphur Fork Saison
This classic French farmhouse style ale obtains nearly all of its aromas and flavors from the yeast – a slightly fruity aroma, followed by black pepper notes on the tongue and a clean, refreshing finish. Traditionally brewed in the Spring for summer refreshment, we brought out our variety just in time for the hot days of July and August. *ABV 5.9%

Sunny Vanilla Cream Ale
Orlinda is known as the “sunniest spot in Tennessee” and this light, refreshing beer with just a touch of vanilla will remind you of a perfect summer day. *ABV 4.8%

Three Forks Oatmeal Stout
Mmmm….bread in a glass. This nearly opaque stout is loaded with roasted malt and black coffee notes, along with a touch of oats to round out the body. Named after the Three Forks area in the Stroudsville community, this beer reflects its primary ingredient types – pale base malt, dark roasted specialty malts, and flaked oats. *ABV 6.7%

Washington Hall Wheat
One of three original estates in Robertson County belonging to descendants of President George Washington, the grand house is no longer with us as it was lost to fire many years ago. Our wheat ale pays homage to the agricultural contribution of the Washington farms, blending wheat and barley for a smooth, creamy glass of deliciousness fermented with a classic Belgian yeast strain. ABV *4.9%

Yellow Jacket APA
We took an American Pale Ale and “stung” it with a dry-hopping of aromatic Citra hops.  It will wake up your taste buds like the Jackets wake up the crowd with every big play on the field! ABV *6.7%

Flight tastings of four beers
What better way to find your favorite than to try several! Pick four from our currently available offerings and discover your next pint (or two).

Diskin Hard Ciders 16 oz.
Lil’ Blondie, ABV 5.6; Bob’s Your Uncle, ABV 6.9; Six One Five, ABV 5.0 Tiki Tonic, ABV 5.0

Diskin Lola Berry Hard Seltzer 12 oz.  ABV 4.0         

Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Cream Soda, Cheerwine, Coca Cola w/cane sugar, and Jones Soda Berry Lemonade

*ABV signifies Alcohol By Volume