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We brew a variety of styles here at BS, and you can find names/descriptions of everything we craft below. Some are seasonal, however, and we occasionally get caught in a production cycle swing and might not have all listed beers available at a given time, so check the wall behind the bar or ask one of our beertenders what’s available before setting your heart on a particular brew. We also carry a variety of Diskin Hard Ciders (Nashville, TN), as well as good ol’ Coca Cola (glass bottle, cane sugar when we can get them) and the Boyland line of sodas for our designated drivers and those who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages. 

Barren Plains Amber
As lovely and dependable as a Barren Plains sunset, this amber is always full-bodied and smooth – a beer you can depend on! *ABV 5.25%

Bobcat Blonde
Our Greenbrier neighbors have asked, “So, when do WE get a beer named after our area?”. Wait no more! We even have a special tap handle for this easy drinking, float-the-river blonde ale that’s perfect for your summer outings – come see (and taste) it for yourself! *ABV 5.1%

Blackberry Winter Fruited Sour
Yes, it’s named for one of the many false winters that interrupt our early spring season here in Tennessee, but it won’t make you think about winter. Blackberry from start to finish with a tartness that will wake your tastebuds like the warmth of spring wakes the earth (poetic, huh?). *ABV 5%

Brown’s Flats Copper Lager
Some have called it a “boat beer” (I could drink this all day and not fall out of the boat), others have said, “Wow, this is super clean…a little caramel note and then it’s gone!” All we can tell you is that it fits most closely in the category of “International Amber Lager” and leave it at that. *ABV 4.6%

Highland Rim Speedway DIPA
Double IPAs typically lean in one of two directions – higher bitterness or more malt-forward. Ours is the latter, balancing the higher alcohol content with a slight malty sweetness that even has some of our non-IPA drinkers ordering it. *ABV 8.25%

Inside Out S’mores Stout
Mmmm…toasted marshmallows, Hershey’s cocoa, and graham crackers help us with the cold days we know we must get through in this last part of February and into March. Indulge the senses with our ever-so-slightly sweet and tummy-warming stout. *ABV 6.7%

Marschwahnsinn Marzen-style Lager
That’s right – we release a Marzen-style TWICE each year! Why? Because we like you and want you to be happy. *ABV 5.5%

Midsummer’s Night Brown Ale
Though it’s not heavy, this brown ale tastes malty, with chocolate and a touch of coffee flavors.  It pours dark but drinks light – not too heavy for any time of year. *ABV 5.3%

Point 9 Pilsner
The quintessential lager that comes in so many taste profiles, our Pils is named after the railway tunnel that traverses beneath Ridgetop, TN, which is exactly .9 miles in length. We like to think the brave, hard-working souls who dug the tunnel would have loved a cold, golden-colored tasty beverage after being cooped up underground all day. *ABV 5.1%

R3 Irish Red Ale
Ready for St. Patrick’s Day? It falls on a Friday this year, so look out all you light weights! This is one of our most requested rotators, so don’t miss out. *ABV 4.7%

Shady West Coast IPA
A solid India Pale Ale that hearkens back to the West Coast-style that started the IPA craze in America.  Shade Tree Farm on Kinney’s Rd. in western Robertson County will vouch that it’s a good one! *ABV 6.9%

Sunny Vanilla Cream Ale
Orlinda is known as the “sunniest spot in Tennessee” and this light, refreshing beer with just a touch of vanilla will remind you of a perfect summer day. *ABV 5.1%


Peach Pucker Fruited Sour
Warm weather in a glass – pleasantly tart with a wonderful peach nose and finish.

Equinox Kolsch-style Ale
Just like last year, we ended up brewing this around the time of the Vernal Equinox rather than having it ready by the equinox…sorry, scheduling issues. But it’s coming, likely around the first week of May, so keep an eye on our socials for release date.


Flight tastings of four beers

What better way to find your favorite than to try several! Pick four from our currently available offerings and discover your next pint (or two).

Other Options

Diskin Hard Ciders 16 oz.
Lil’ Blondie, ABV 5.6; Bob’s Your Uncle, ABV 6.9; Six One Five, ABV 5.0 Tiki Tonic, ABV 5.0

Ranch Water Hard Seltzers
Original, Spicy, Prickly Pear, or Rio Red Grapefruit – ABV 4%

Soft Drinks
Coca Cola, Sprite,Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange Soda, Cream Soda, and Cheerwine

*ABV Signifies Alcohol By Volume

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